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Haany Bano

Haany Bano

Haany Bano has created a powerful Luxury Women Shoe Collection focusing on the posh and elegance of ancient art. Blending historic designs with her strong contemporary style, she gives life to the imagination and brings artistry to your feet.

Haany Bano’s affinity for fashion stems from her intimate relationship with art history. The breadth of her exposure to sculpting, ceramics, and textile begins from her upbringing in New York and extends across to Europe and Middle East Asia. Her involvement in the academic and cultural aspects of the diverse art forms exhibited and worn by New Yorkers allowed her to expand her creative mind, subsequently leading her to win several awards and recognition in her home city. Haany Bano’s designs engage particularly in the Ancient Art of Kufesque.

HB Signature


This particular style of decoration emphasizes straight and angular strokes making the artwork distinctly geometric. The nature of the ornamentation within this art form suggests a remarkable amount of freedom; in its repetition and complexity. The possibility of infinite growth hypnotized the inherent artist in Haany and inspired her to create her own unique pattern. Haany Bano’s signature pattern is a captivating display of infinite linear shapes carefully arranged to form the letters of her brand’s name: HAANY BANO.

Koof Collection

Haany Bano’s Koof collection offers designs from Stilettos to flats to summer sandals as well as accessories.

This luxury collection is dedicated to all those who love art and appreciate handmade craftsmanship. A collection for those who strut through life with panache, and turn heads everywhere they go.

The brand’s signature pattern can be found across our range of products. The unique pattern is ever so captivating with its geometric arrangement and enigmatic charm. Koof emanates confidence with each angle of its fine Italian leather composition.

The Koof collection is not only majestic in its design it also excels in quality. Made from the finest Italian leather, each piece is uniquely handcrafted by seasoned Turkish artisans.


When you step into a pair, you feel the love and dedication of all those who put their heart into making these shoes extraordinary just for you.

The Koof Collection